Excite Videos



The Digital Triple Play Offer from TKO

How It Works


  • You ship product to TKO studios in California
  • You complete project start-up questionnaire
  • You provide logo, other collateral samples
  • You provide any existing photos, artwork
  • TKO shoots still photography
  • TKO drafts script
  • TKO edits video
  • You review/edit video first cut
  • TKO revises video
  • You sign-off on final cut
  • Finished product is a :45-:60 video
  • Stills from video shoot used in e-Infographic
  • TKO crafts storyline with 5-7 copy points
  • TKO submits layout for review
  • You review/edit e-Infographic layout
  • TKO revises e-Infographic
  • You sign-off on final e-Infographic
  • Finished product is a full-color e-Infographic
  • Stills from video used in e-Flipbook
  • TKO crafts storyline with 5-7 copy points
  • TKO submits layout for review
  • You review/edit e-Flipbook layout
  • TKO revises e-Flipbook
  • You sign-off on final e-Flipbook
  • Finished product is a 4 page e-Flipbook



BONUS: As an added incentive, TKO will grant you all usage rights to the original photography shot for this project.


Total time: Producing all three elements will require six to eight weeks from commencement of project per agency-prepared schedule, assuming timely receipt of client-provided materials per agency schedule. No more than two reviews of each element, with two-day client turnaround. Must produce all three elements in the same time period featuring the same product. Timing, pricing based on tangible products; fee schedule, timing may be adjusted for service firms.


Terms: Project will begin upon receipt of an executed agreement and one-half of the project fee. Second half of fee due upon project completion, when digitally shipped.

The Kennedy Organization

Atlanta-Chicago-San Francisco

T: 773.213.2303