To outsmart the competition, you have to think better. And think differently. Change the context. Shift the viewpoint. Make unexpected connections. Challenge conventions. Visualize the extremes. Test the hypotheses. Leave ego at the door.


That’s how TKO approaches strategy development and the creative process.


Of course, it helps that our people have the sophisticated analytical tools and models necessary to prove the point.
Plus the digital mastery to help visualize solutions.


    TKO has carved out a unique niche in the thought leadership world. Innovative global firms turn to us for help translating complicated data into approachable insights.

    • Executive media coaching

    • Infographics

    • Excite videos

    • eBrochures

    • Social media extensions


    Propeller heads rule.


    That’s we tell our quant jocks who use state-of-the-art statistical models and algorithms to convert massive consumer input into actionable plans and products.

    • Brand awareness & usage

    • Customer segmentation

    • New product development

    • Advertising/packaging preference

    • Issues assessment

    • Internet buzz

    • Market analyses

    Multiple regression

    Factor analysis



    Logit analysis

    Discriminant analysis

    Cluster analysis

    Concept testing

    Perceptual mapping




    A picture really is worth 1,000 words. Although we worship the written word, we recognize that screen shots, icons and visual summaries are what grab people in a digital world. Thanks USA Today!

    • Social media

    • Excite videos

    • eFlip books

    • eBrochures

    • Web sites

    • ePostcards


    Empaths need apply.


    Data is great, but people are even better. We humanize decisions by talking directly to the customer, and in some cases, even taking up residence.

    • Depth interviews

    • Soft soundings

    • Focus groups

    • Ethnographic studies

    • Product testing

    • Taste tests


    The first step in building a successful brand is developing a strategy for differentiating the product or service from competitive offerings. At TKO, we work closely with our clients to identify or create differentiators, leveraging existing research, or executing quantitative or qualitative research studies. We dig deep, talking to customers, potential customers, partners, influencers, and our clients to build a strong brand strategy, positioning and personality, supported by an effective, persuasive messaging platform.

    • Messaging and Positioning

    • Strategic Planning

    • Brand & Logo Development

    • Product Naming

    • Product Launch

    • Advertising

    • Collateral

    • POS


    At TKO we love creating promotions that drive sales. From our direct marketing campaign for a technology client that yielded a whopping 28% response rate, to the rave reviews we received for our work with Sony Pictures and Feeding America promoting the release of the animated hit Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, TKO combines eye-candy creative with tightly orchestrated execution.


    Thinking about promotion? Look to TKO for creative ideas and execution that will elevate your business or brand beyond the competition.

    • Partner Development

    • Campaign Theme & Program

    • Direct Marketing


    We love creating packaging that jumps off the retail shelf. But before we ever start a design, we dig deep to understand the consumer audience, the competition, and the retail environment where the war for shelf space takes place. Armed with that understanding, we are often asked to develop product names, and create message hierarchies, ensuring that the words on every package impact, resonate with and persuade the target customer to make the purchase, framed by design that tells the brand story with immediacy. Look for our packaging designs on leading national brands including Newman's Own, Back to Nature, Litehouse Foods, Martinelli's and many more.

    • Concept & Structure

    • Imagery & Design

    • Illustration

    • File Production

    • Vendor Relations


    Today, marketing is a two-way street. At TKO, we help our clients build digital relationships with their customers, developing interactive mobile apps, feature-rich websites, videos, animation, and ongoing email campaigns and social media strategies that nurture and strengthen those relationships, and create brand champions along the way. Talk to TKO if you're looking for an innovative approach that will ensure your online success.

    • Websites

    • Video

    • Social Media

    • Inbound Marketing


    With decades of experience, TKO consistently exceeds our clients' expectations by producing rich imagery that elevates the visual impact of marketing campaigns and materials. We shoot much of our award-winning glamour, tabletop, lifestyle and product photography in our fully-outfitted on-site studio with kitchen, but you'll often find us in the field, shooting on location for clients. Looking to create imagery with impact? Give TKO a shot.

    • 1500 Sq ft. In-house Studio

    • State of the Art Digital Equipment

    • Award Winning Photographer
       and Team

    • Fully Equipped Studio Kitchen

    • Large In-House Prop, Surface and
       Backdrop Selection

    • Recipe Development

    • Model Selection and Management

    • Location and Travel Capabilites


    Boom! That's the takeaway from TKO promotion. We've lit up the skies over Texas with an unforgettable fireworks show that stopped tens of thousands attending a trade conference in their tracks, indelibly imprinting our client's name in their minds. We've created trade show booths and events that attract lines of attendees and drive home our clients' stories, while opening and strengthening their relationships with their customers. Looking to make a bigger splash? Talk to TKO.

    • Booth Design

    • Pre/Post Show Marketing

    • Outdoor Marketing

    • Mobile Marketing

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